Luisa Santos Martinez 1

Luisa Santos Martinez

Documentary Film Maker

Wow I absolutely love this CBD brand. I have tried various types, but this by far has been the most potent and effective. I started mainly using it for my muscle pains to quickly find how it amazingly navigates and helps alleviate much of my pain to the point where it becomes very subtle or gone. I also noticed that when I use it for my anxiety it has a great ability to ground me and allow me to feel calmer. I have used it everyday since I first got it and it’s still lasting me a while. Thankful to found medicine in this locally grown CBD.

Angela Finn

Angela Isis Finn


A living prayer it is to have connected with Adam at Verde Valley Hemp. Working alongside and witnessing the amount of love and energy that is fed into every seed to harvest, shows me that the CBD plants holds an exceptional amount of healing potency to all that receives.

Working with Phytocannabinoids you supplement the bodies natural endocannabinoid system orchestrating the various receptors and systems needed to bring the body back into a healthy rhythm. I am honored to use the leaves and stems in my tea blends providing others the relief from any anxiety and stress within the whole bodies structure, bridging calmness to the nervous system and the remembrance of our symbiotic relationship between humans and plants.

Tiffany Smith

Tiffany Smith

Health Practitioner + Massage Therapist

Verde Valley Hemp has changed my life. It has been an absolute blessing for me physically and spiritually deepening my connection with Santa Maria. I have been searching for the perfect CBD oil for me, my pets, family and clients of the highest vibration infused with prayer and intention to create a blessed and potent medicine.

As a Health Practitioner and licensed Massage Therapist, I believe in the healing power of plant medicine. I incorporate CBD and CBD salve in my healing practice and for personal use, as it helps me to relax my nervous system, relieving physical pain and assists in a restful night's sleep. Since I have been receiving Verde Valley Hemp CBD, I am so grateful for the healing properties it carries and I will continue to take for years to come.


Bob S.


I used to ride and race motorcycles. Through the years I have had more aches and pains than a Leopard has spots. With the occasional use of CBD oil from Verde Valley Hemp, I am literally pain free now for longer periods of time.

I also discovered by accident that it helps with the itching and gives quick relief to insect bites. Good product and great prices. Give it a try.


Nancy Carol Booker

Retired Teacher

I am so thankful for Verde Valley Hemp's CBD Hemp Extract Oil for Pets! I gave it to my precious service dog Chocolate Kisses and it helped him to be more comfortable while he was crossing over the Rainbow Bridge. Afterwards our rescue doggie Miss Kitty started having extreme anxiety from losing her best furry friend. I added a dropper full to her food and it helped her calm down and stop barking. I trust this product 100%.

Jessica Barnes

Jessica B.


I have really enjoyed and appreciated working with Adam at Verde Valley Hemp. I appreciate the calm, happy work environment and the meditative, relaxing qualities of trimming. I appreciate how much love and devotion is put into these plants, and it shows in the quality and beauty of the product. 

This is the best CBD I have tried to date! Delicious. fresh, and grown consciously.  Five stars!!

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